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Hosted by Maureen Jann, industry personality and Director of Marketing at Point It Digital Marketing, these weekly 30-45 minute podcasts feature experts and their industry guests chat about headlines in the industry and timely topics. We’ll be covering topics that impact digital advertising, search engine optimization and so much more.

This is a no selling zone.  Our experts are just talking shop and digging into the timely happenings in digital marketing.

Feb 8, 2017

This week we explore how Bots, automation, AI, & conversational voice search will fit into our lives & where they meet ad tech. Maureen Jann, Point It’s Director of Marketing is joined by Microsoft's Allen Klein & our own programmatic advertising expert James Haagenson who also delve into the 4th computing wave (conversation), Microsoft’s CAP framework (Conversation as a platform, Agents like Cortana & Alexa, along with Bots), Amazon Alexa’s skills, smart homes, Facebook’s rebooted trending topics, native ads with Button, and Google’s Penguin 4.0 bringing trust back to SEO.



Allen Klein, Strategic Account Executive Microsoft Search Advertising

Bio: Allen gets excited about technology, that has always been the case, and puts that passion to work at Microsoft. Allen has worked with SMBs as well as some of the largest brands. In tandem with agencies, Allen aligns with their goals to succeed with pay per click advertising with a focus on Bing Ads. With a background in global customer acquisition programs in online marketing, Allen applies this background to ensure that the campaigns are executed in a cost efficient, high performing manner.


James Haagenson, Programmatic Campaign Manager, Point It Digital Marketing

Bio: James Haagenson is a customer-service focused, strategic brand consultant who is focused on the innovative world of programmatic advertising. James started out serving the Seattle software giant in the Microsoft Retail Stores and now he is an Associate Ad Ops Manager on the Programmatic Advertising and Display Team at Point It Digital Marketing.  In his current role, he helps clients get maximum business results by offering digital advertising strategies and executing on them. James has a degree in Music Technology and Composition from Seattle Pacific University and enjoys playing in his band, the Castle Dwellers.


Maureen Jann, Director of Marketing, Point It Digital Marketing

Bio: Maureen Jann is a veteran B2B marketer whose career in Digital Media has grown up with the Internet. A self-described jill-of-all-trades, Maureen has elevated creative problem solving to an art form and enjoys the daily challenges of driving business results in unexpected ways. Her skills as an entrepreneur, content marketer, creative director and passionate people manager set her apart from the pack. Maureen has worked in every corner of marketing making her a skilled tactical resource as well as a strategic partner.  Recently, she was the captain of the marketing ship for an award-winning professional services firm and is currently creating a content marketing strategy for Point It, a digital marketing agency.



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LENGTH: 30 Minutes